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Owner of Authentic Beauty Salon & Spa in New Haven, CT. Paulette has a global understanding and appreciation of the natural beauty of women, especially women of color. Born in the United Kingdom and widely traveled abroad, Paulette dreamt as a child of making people feel good about themselves and the magic of their beauty, inside and out.

In 1999 She founded Authentic Beauty Salon, a dream since she was five years old. In 2006, after the success of her salon, Paulette transformed the business into the Authentic Beauty Salon & Spa, offering a full range of beauty and spa services to women and men.

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I really feel special whenever I go to Authentic beauty salon!!!
Paulette is the best at caring for my hair and my well-being.
Thank you so much.

Leo Doherty

I can’t rave enough about my experience at Authentic Beauty Salon and Spa. Instead of calling Paulette a beautician she should be called a magician She is a master at her craft.Not only does she style your hair wonderfully,but her main focus is good hair care .Something that is a rarity But best of all she is a GREAT person.

Naomi Taylor

For natural hair, she Is highly recommended. Hair is healthiest in years, I have been a client for 15 years. The experience here is like no other.Paulette treats the mind, body, and spirit. When entering the door the environment is relaxing. Great conversation. She is a lovely person, She cares about the client as a whole.


My hair had fell out due to me putting a bleached color in my hair which my hair is all natural, I notice that the bleach was burning my hair out so one of my good friends told me about Authenic Hair Salon I started coming to her in July within the 2 months which my appointment is in September she notice and other people notice the difference in my hair how much it started growing back in. The hair stylist told me what to do to get my hair growing back, but I did what was told and how I love it love it love it. Will continue to go back.
Will I recommend people to go there Yes !!!!
Thank You Authenic Hair Salon

Terrel James

Paulette is vey knowledgeable about natural hair treatments. I have been coming here for years, I have not found another salon like Authentic.
My hair always feels alive when I leave here.

Lesly Ntanyi
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